Construction Membership

Join IBEW Local 363 by calling (845) 783-3500

Hudson Valley Electricians can become IBEW Local 363 members in various ways, such as:

  • Joining as an individual electrician ( This method is completely self driven and suggested )
  • Applying to the union's Apprenticeship Program.
  • When the contractor they are working for decides to sign a union contract for future manpower needs.
  • By you and/or other employees contacting a union organizer and signing union authorization cards, then filing an election petition with the National Labor Relation Board. Winning an election for union representation gives you, as well as all the employees, and the union the right to bargain for a union contract.

The FIRST STEP IS TO CONTACT US! IBEW Local 363 wants good qualified electricians, currently working for an electrical contractor or not, to be part of our organization! Begin by calling us at (845) 783-3500 and make a direct contact with any Union Representative. You can also email any of us at our emails which are listed here.

You can feel confident in knowing that when you contact us – it is held in the strictest confidence. We know that just calling is a big deal. The most important part at this stage is for US to have a way to communicate with YOU and YOUR CO-WORKERS – so we will need an email for you or a contact number to get things going.

Let's be clear too. We believe that working together is a two way street and our contractors have their expectations and rights too and we respect them. We want fair to all - which means we produce and make our employers profitable and they pay us fairly.

Union Authorization Card

If you are interested in joining IBEW Local Union 363 and/or would like to organize the contractor you are currently working for, please complete the authorization card below and mail to:

Sam Fratto
IBEW Local Union 363
67 Commerce Drive South
Harriman, N.Y. 10926


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