Local 363 IBEW Picketing Rules


Picketing Rules for IBEW Local 363:


IBEW Local 363 will establish the following procedures in regard to manning picket lines and hand billing demonstrations as of January 1, 2012 :

At each union meeting, beginning in December 2011, the Business Manager will randomly pick a minimum of five letters from the alphabet contained in a box and announce those letters. Those letters will also be listed on our website.

Employed or unemployed, the members whose names begin with any of those letters will be required to attend any picket line in the jurisdiction of IBEW Local 363 within 48 hours of being requested to do so for the next full calendar month.

The obligation is for one day of picketing until the entire group from that letter has picketed.   At that point, the obligation will start over again until the end of that month.    

Members will be called to picket in the same alphabetical order as they appear under each letter in the unions membership roster in the IBEW Local 363 computer system.

Members will be given 48 hours notice, the address, directions and time to arrive by message left on the contact number the member has at the union hall on file. Members are solely responsible to supply a working number to the union hall.

Members may volunteer at ANY time or while unemployed to do their duty if a line is active at that time. They will be credited with the time.

Any questions about procedures or emergencies that would prevent a member from picketing
on their assigned days should be directed to the Business Manager of the union.

The Union Hall will work with every member to avoid a conflict and will make every effort to help all members do their fair share.