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Thank You Letters To The Members of Local 363

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IBEW 363 Members Survived the 30 Year Attack on the Middle Class by Being ORGANIZED

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Prestigious Solar Training Accreditation Awarded to IBEW Local 363

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IBEW 363 Earns RBA Pinnacle Award

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New York State
Lighting Controls Training Program

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IBEW Local 363 Tappan Zee Bridge Sneak Peek

IBEW Local 363 members are still at work on the new Tappan Zee Bridge and everything is going along according to schedule.

The craftsmanship and expertise is second to none and will be a monument to the IBEW and Local 363 for generations to come.

As our other large projects start to develop, we expect to have many job opportunities for local workers and our IBEW Brothers out there. We are on the mark and active.

Our trained and dependable workforce is the backbone of our union.

IBEW Local Union 363 - IS STRONG -

Work Opportunities Keep Growing!
Hard Work Pays Off For Our Membership!

2017 - Will Employ Hundreds More Electricians!

IT IS NO SECRET that our local union has undergone a transformation into an Organized Labor Force in the Hudson Valley in recent years. We are the trade that organized ourselves from the inside. We are the trade that is a leader in the Building Trades. We are the trade that people call and depend upon for help. We are the trade that stressed production. We are the trade that demanded the code of excellence on our job sites. We are the trade that educated our younger members about the value of being productive on the job and being active in the union.

We are the trade that mobilizes at a moments notice. We are the trade that makes our opinions known. We are the trade that pushes for jobs and good construction projects.

IBEW Local 363 Business Manager Sam Fratto and IBEW Local 363 Membership out supporting the $500 Million Dollar Lego-Land Project in Orange County. Nice yellow Lego-Yes shirts.

We are the trade that stressed education. We are the trade that reached out and attracted new employers. We are the trade that stressed community service. We are the trade that planned ahead and increased our membership. We are the trade that made our union about family.

We are IBEW Local Union 363.


Come to IBEW Local 363 - If you are an IBEW Brother looking for work or a Hudson Valley Electrician looking for a future - 2017 is it.

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